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I am a secondary teacher of English in Southern Spain. I studied MFL in Jaén and I got a DPSI certificate in Law in England. I started my teaching career in Newcastle back in 2000, where I lived for 3 years. Once I returned home, I taught in a public school and got ready to sit the "oposiciones" exam, which I passed!!! Currently, I am teaching in Jaén, which has become my definite residence in Spain since 2004.

viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Personal Map Project

Image taken from @MacmillanELT's TL
ESO3A students have their skates on, rolling to a sweet and a very curious destination: PERSONAL MAP PROJECT. 
They are expected to 
1) choose the silhouette of something they like or identify themselves with. Once that is done, 
2) the inside is to be filled with adjectives about their personality and appearance together with nouns of the things that bring positive feelings for them. 
Let's see what they have to offer!!!!
The only reference they have is this musical map I found in twitter;)

martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014

Burlington Books STUDENT ZONE, online help and materials.

Hello everyone! Here is the link to make the most of your English book!!!

  • MP3 recordings of the reading texts
  • Culture Kit texts
  • Workbook listening exercises and dictations 
  • Downloadable grammar and vocabulary activities

¡Hola! Os dejo el enlace para sacar el mayor partido posible a vuestro libro de inglés. (Grabaciones MP3 de las lecturas de las unidades, los textos de la sección de cultura, los listenings y dictados del cuadernillo así como actividades de gramática y vocabulario que podéis descargar)


Download instructions: The activities may take some time to download - please be patient!After downloading, double-click the file and then click "Run". A shortcut named "English World 3"/ "Bachillerato1" will appear on your desktop. Double-click it to open the activities.

Instrucciones de instalación: Las actividades pueden tardar en descargarse. Ten paciencia, por favor. Después de la descarga, haz doble click en el archivo y pincha en "run". Un icono llamado "English World 3"/ "Bachillerato1" (o el elegido) aparecerá en tu escritorio. Haz doble click en él para abrir las actividades.