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I am a secondary teacher of English in Southern Spain. I studied MFL in Jaén and I got a DPSI certificate in Law in England. I started my teaching career in Newcastle back in 2000, where I lived for 3 years. Once I returned home, I taught in a public school and got ready to sit the "oposiciones" exam, which I passed!!! Currently, I am teaching in Jaén, which has become my definite residence in Spain since 2004.

martes, 26 de abril de 2016

viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

Unit 8 ESO3: The Human Body

Here is some fun and interesting stuff to consider when dealing with this topic.

Human Body Pics

Happy Earth Day!

lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

The United Kingdom by Jonathan Martín

Jonathan missed the Culture Class we organised some days ago, but to catch up with the rest of his classmates, he has worked on this presentation about some of the aspects the talk covered. He has kindly sent it to me to share it with you. Hope you will like it ;)


lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

What lies behind Cheap Clothes? Raising awareness on Teens

It was a complete shock for my students today to come to terms to reality as far as the textile industry is concerned. They couldn't believe that the clothes we all wear are the result of brutal exploitation, including child labour in particular Asian countries. Why not devote some minutes to discuss this in the English classroom?
Ice-breaker video
GO on with simple questions: What do you normally buy? Where? Have you checked your T-shirt label to see where it was made? Do you know that there are (a recent innovation) labels warning that the piece of clothing you are about to buy is child labour free? What are the alternatives to your usual shops?

jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

Human Rights Project for Bachillerato (AS) Level


Let's put our heads together so that we are able to show the world our concern about Human Rights. Everybody talks about them, but not everybody worries about them. If we are able to make our nearest community aware of their importance, we will be helping to make the world a better place.
Here you are the document which states the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (UDHR) in English.

What do you have to do?
1) Read the declaration and choose the Human Right you want to work with.
2) Take a photograph where that Right is pictured in an original and plastic way.
3) Post your photo on twitter with following hashtag #mycausePA16 

You can also go to the following web for further information on the subject: Youthforhumanrights.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Reported Speech (AS Level)

Reported Speech Summary (as seen in class) Take your time to look at the presentation and take notes if you need.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Theory without practice is not very productive. Here you are a complete page for full practice on statements, questions and commands. Download or copy on your notebook. Happy reporting!


Convocatoria para 1º de la ESO
Convocatoria para 2º de la ESO
 Convocatoria para 1º de Bachillerato

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained